Strategy   •    Execution

Successfully Position and

Structure Scale-up Companies to Grow

with Strategic Innovation

Who am I?

Energetic. Diligent. Unboring.


A powerhouse that helps to make your business grow successfully  with strategic innovation.

My forte? Modern Marketing.

I structure your organization and implement automation and consumer-based marketing & branding strategies that increases the quality of your app, platform, product, service, and team organization.

About Me & You

If you need a Director for a short period of time to create a solid foundation for you to build further upon.

Perhaps you don't have the need or means for an expert professional full time on board, but you do need a solid strategy in order to grow further. Me and, if necessary my team are available for a short period of time and we will train your team or a junior employee to build upon our foundation.  

If you need someone to evaluate your product; will it stand the test of time in this day and age with fickle consumer behaviour? 

By nature, I'm both creative and intellectual, analytical and pragmatic, and I love to create and to explain; so naturally, in my work, I both strategize and execute. I learned how to build communities from zero to a self-sustaining, thriving group of engaged users. It involves strategic innovation, marketing automation, large-scale marketing & advertising campaigns, partnerships, city marketing, technical development, social media strategies, online growth & content creation strategies, and managing teams. As Brand Developer I dove deeper into content marketing and consumer behaviour with, growing into trendwatching and trend forecasting. For you, this means that I'm able to see if your product - whether it's an online platform, interactive website, app, tangible product or service is appropriate for your market and I make fitting strategies for your audience.

If you need to scale your business, but you don't know how.

My experience in building an online platform successfully from start to finish, to have grown start-ups and scale-ups, and having a network of specialists around me will ensure you receive the best possible guidance. I have a sparkling personality, I'm full of energy, and I come packed with experience, knowledge, and a team full of specialists who, like me, are experts in their field. Working with me means working with these experts and gaining access to my network without extra charge. Fun fact: I love gradient colours and colour coordination that highlights my structuring powers. When you meet me, ask me to show you my iPhone's home screen. Trust me. You want to see it...

If you need revision of your path to success.

I'm combining all elements of my journey to help you increase the quality of your product & brand - whether it's an app, an online platform, a product, or service. I use consumer trend forecasting (a.k.a. "where is the world going so what is it that you need to implement"), technological ingenuities, consumer & content marketing to create seamless and efficient engagement strategies. This involves building (new) communities and create highly engaged users for my clients. I'm focussed on your marketing channels that give you ROI and I look at the complete spectrum for you. Everything I do serves one purpose: creating a self-sustaining community (a.k.a. tribe) that consists of consumers who are genuinely engaged  in your app, on your platform, and with your product & service. 

If you need a long term solution.

My forte is to build that lasts; I deliver 2-to 5-year-strategies and to achieve that lasting effect, I will train your team or make fitting hires so you can continue on the path to achieving the most for your company.


If you like to surround yourself with a dash of humour and storm of creativity in your building. 

What I Do

Community & Consumer Engagement

I choose to use the words "community" and "consumer" interchangeably on purpose and here's why... 

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Strategy & Execution

I'm specialised in helping you in: 

Technical development and product optimization,

. Designing & Results of the following strategies...

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Long Term Solution

Strategies are essential, technical development is necessary, but your team is crucial....

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If you are looking for a creative, community building, networking powerhouse, look no further. Philippine leaves glitter wherever she is, whatever she does. She dares to jump into the unknown, revisit her strategies, improve to lead and dares to fail. She sets the tone, she is the light of the party and a natural genuine influencer.

Sanneke Ringeling - former manager at Yelp


A world with thriving fisheries that work in balance with nature by catching one fish at a time

IPNLF is an NGO with the mission to empower responsible fisheries to give back to the seas and people that depend on them. With 108 million  people working in small-scale fisheries and 800 million people in the world that depend upon fisheries for their livelihoods, we can continue to create the biggest impact! The world deserves to see the beauty of these one-by-one fisheries. The world also deserves to know each and everyone of us has the power to #chooseyourtuna. And by doing so, you're doing the right thing; for the world, for these communities, and in balance with nature.

I consulted and helped developing IPNLF's 2020-2025 Strategic Plan in London, January 2020. Subsequently, I've been contracted and now hold the position of Communications Manager in which I'm responsible for all marketing / communications related areas of IPNLF for both strategy as execution.